Raya Lbayda / Drapeau blanc

Laya Triqui | Nadia Lamhaidi | docu – ficition | 21 min | Morocco | 2013 | Arabic with English subtitles
In a fish factory in the Moroccan village of Safi, women work under harsh conditions canning sardines. What will happen when one of them speaks up against established oppression and harassment?

To support their families, women in the Moroccan coastal town of Safi toil in a factory for canning sardines where tough working conditions are only slowly improved by modernization. When Ranya, a young, attractive and educated woman cannot find any other work, she decides to take her motherʼs place as a factory worker. But she soon finds herself in a difficult situation when the male supervisor tries to approach her, putting her under pressure. Supported by one female colleague, she dares to face up against the established harassment and oppression.


Main cast: Nouria Benbrahim, Malika Lahouiri, Souad Alaoui, Ahmed, Abdellaoui, Abdeljalil Baemrani, Fatima Zouani, Fouad Zaghloul | Director: Layla Triqui | Idea and Screenplay: Nadia Lamhaidi | Director of Photography: Said Slimani | Editing: Hamid Ouyadri | Sound: Najib Chlih | Aziz Zitouni | Production: Rachid Hamdi, Aya Media Production Audiovisuelle, Casablanca

Drapeau Blanc: Interview with writer Nadia Lamhaidi (2013)

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