Find out about the material of ANA HUNNA International Network, that has been applied by trainers, teacher and facilitators in various events.

Material: Films

The films

“Women are self-determined, active and powerful in the economy and society”

Eight ANA HUNNA short films capture this message at its heart.

Whether documentary or fiction, these films, produced in 2013, talk about women and their lives in Egypt, Jordan, Tunisia and Morocco: women who work out of necessity to earn a living for themselves and their families; women who want to enter the professional world in order to become independent economically and to realise their personal goals in life; and women who, through their personalities and leading role in their communities, have become remarkably positive in role models.

The films offer a panorama of different perspectives, of varied life situations, and of current issues and controversies. The fiction films tell stories that may very well happen in reality. The documentaries show reality as it is truly experienced by the women portrayed in the films. In Egypt and Tunisia, this takes place against a backdrop of post-revolutionary society that has opened up but also has been shaken.

All films are in Arabic and are subtitled in English. Films from Tunisia, Morocco and Jordan are subtitled also in standard Arabic, four films are also available with German subtitles and two films are also available in German language. Download the brochure for an overview in all languages.