ANA HUNNA is seeking out a new audience, children has been coordinating all ANA HUNNA efforts in Morocco and collaborating with more than 60 partners. ANA HUNNA in Morocco operates in schools, universities and also the private sector.

In the last phase, 2016 – 2018, the ANA HUNNA efforts in Morocco were concentrated on reaching out to children and their parents through the existing ANA HUNNA material, as well as newly developed gender-sensitive art tools.

Further a simulation game for young kids was developed which will be tested in upcoming months.



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ANA HUNNA facilitators have been trained

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People reached through ANA HUNNA


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Children have worked with new “ANA HUNNA” tools

Morocco wins when integrating women into the economy

Morocco is one of North Africa’s most economically successful countries – yet there is still plenty to do in matters of equality between women and men. Women make up 50% of the population and 47% of university graduates – despite this, their employment rate stands at just 25%.

Morocco has great economic potential – but in order to grow its economy the country needs well-educated professionals. According to a survey by the World Bank, the successful integration of women into the employment market could raise the income of Moroccan households by 25% – which would mean a rise up to the middle class for many of these households. The Moroccan government has already taken an initial step in this direction: It ratified the United Nations’ ‘Women’s Convention’ (CEDAW) as the first country in the MENA region to do so.

Morocco Facts

Population: 33,986,655 (July 2017 est.), 50.58 % female
School enrollment:Female (% net, 2016)Male (% net, 2016)
Primary:94,3 94,7


Oussama Benhmida based in Rabat, Morocco and President of the Moroccan association was elected board member of the ANA HUNNA International Network e.V. For inquires regarding ANA HUNNA in Morocco, please contact

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