Mohammed Ben Attia | fiction | 20 min | Tunisia 2013 | Arabic with English subtitles | German with Arabic subtitles

A young Tunisian widow wants to take charge of her life and become a taxi driver. How will she deal with family and society opposing her decision?

After her husband – a taxi driver – has died in an accident, Selma decides to take life into her own hands and get a taxi-driver licence for herself. With courage, calm and determination, she embarks on an odyssey through kafkaesque administrative and insurance procedures, undeterred by the obstacles she faces. And just as unflinchingly, she confronts the conservatism of her own family who tries to pressure her morally and dictate her proper conduct. Driven by the desire to create a better future for her daughter and herself, Selma throws herself into the daily struggle to achieve her goals.


Cast: Nejma Zeghidi, Rafiaa Boutiquine Belhoute, Asma Falleh, Abdelmajid Jallouli, Mervet Trabelsi, Lassaad Boumnijel, Nader El Ghoul, Dhyaa Eddine Zribi | Director and writer Mohamed Ben Attia | Artistic Consultant: Nejib Belkadhi, Raja Amari | Director of Photography: Hazem Berrabah | Editor: Selma Zghidi | Sound: Walid Ouerghi | Production: Dora Bouchoucha (Nomadis Images, Tunis) and Imed Marzouk (Propaganda, Tunis)

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