More than 100.000 viewers watched “Selma and Women”

Having been aired on national television the ANA HUNNA films are well-known in Tunisia. More than 100.000 viewers had the chance to watch the Tunisian films Selma and Women and a half on air.

Whit an active local network with more than 34 partners, ANA HUNNA has it standings on the ground. The founding members International Institute for Human Development (IDH) and Maghreb Economic Forum (MEF) are seeking out new topics such as security and peace to crosscut with the existing ANA HUNNA Material.



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People reached through ANA HUNNA (since 2011)

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Tunisia, a major winner

Tunisia emerged from the so-called “Arab Spring” as a major winner and serves as a role model in the MENA region. In no other country in the region do women have so many rights; more women than men study at the universities. And yet: Merely one quarter of Tunisian women have access to the employment market – a small figure that perhaps represents the country’s biggest challenge.

For many people, the economic situation has worsened since 2011. More than 16 % of Tunisians live below the poverty line, especially beyond the coastal regions, inland. What Tunisia needs is professionals with good vocational training – but this is precisely the area where women are underrepresented.

Family, home and children: in the rural regions in particular, these areas are still almost exclusively women’s concerns. For those who wish to pursue employment in the formal sector, childcare offerings are rare and there is often little support from the family. But now is precisely the time when the promotion of women’s economic and social participation harbours immense opportunities: The country finds itself in a state of social upheaval. It needs more jobs, an improved earnings situation and a strong economy. The integration of young women into working life is an important step for sustainable change, social harmony and economic success.

Tunisia Facts

Population: 11,403,800 million (July 2017 est.), 50.58 % female
School enrollment:Female (% net, 2015)Male (% net, 2015)
Women’s labour market participation rate (% of female population ages 15+): 24%


Emna Jeblaoui, based in Tunis, Tunisia was elected board member of the ANA HUNNA International Network e.V. For inquires regarding ANA HUNNA in Egypt, please contact: tunisia@ana-hunna.org.

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