ANA HUNNA International Network e.V. is honored with the Ta’awun
German‐Arab Women Cooperation of Excellence Award

Brigitta Wortmann (3. of right), 1. Chairwoman and Dr. Abeer Dababneh (2. of right), 2. Chairwoman of ANA HUNNA International Network e.V accepted the GAWBL-Award presented from Dr. Gabriele Kratochwil (1 o.r.) and Laudator Brigitta Zypries (2.of l.).

Munich/ Germany, 16. October 2018 ‐ On the occasion of the German‐Arab Women Business Leaders Summit (GAWBL) in Munich organized and chaired by Dr. Gabi Kratochwil (CrossCultures Network GmbH) ANA HUNNA International Network e.V. was awarded with the Ta’awun German‐Arab Women Cooperation of Excellence Award.
Ta’awun means „cooperation“ in Arabic. The Award honors joint German‐Arab women’s cooperation projects by recognizing women who play a distinct role in establishing partnerships and connections of excellence between Germany and the Arab countries. Candidates needed to demonstrate a personal and long‐term commitment and they must have succeeded in bringing about change in various areas while developing strategies and methods to promote and establish cooperation in their communities.

„ANA HUNNA International Network represented these criteria in an exemplary way“, stated Brigitte Zypries, Former Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy, Germany, in her laudatory speech.

„We at GAWBL support the vision of ANA HUNNA International Network e.V.: A world where women have the choice on how to be active in society. We at GAWBL share its mission: to reveal the value of women’s contribution to the economy and society through their work,“ explained Dr. Gabi Kratochwil, Chairwoman of GAWBL, the choice of the jury.

The ANA HUNNA International Network is the vibrant hub of organisations and individuals from Egypt,
Germany, Jordan, Morocco and Tunisia engaging for the economic and social inclusion of women.
“ANA HUNNA means translated “I am here”! This brings to the point what for this International Network stands for: Bringing together organisations and people from the Middle East, North Africa and Europe to empower women to pursue their ambitions and lead self‐determined, active, and gainful lives”, said Brigitta Wortmann, First Chairwoman of ANA HUNNA International Network.

The work of the network is based on six years of experiences working with ANA HUNNA material, including short films on women’s participation in the economy and an educational kit for schools, universities and adult education. Their members facilitate workshops, deliver training and build capacities to promote economic inclusion of women by e.g. deconstructing related stereotypes. ANA HUNNA was originally developed in cooperation with the Deutsche Gesellschaft für International Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) comissioned by the Federal Ministry of Economic cooperation and Development (BMZ).

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