ANA HUNNA seeks new ways forward in Egypt

Egypt as been part of the ANA HUNNA movement from the very start. A large network of active organizations held screenings of ANA HUNNA films all around Egypt.

With Ahead of the Curve (ATC) and International Development Support & Consulting (IDSC) being founding members of the network, the Egyptian partners plan to explore the idea to implement ANA HUNNA tools in the private sector and will also enlarge its local network to spread ANA HUNNA further.

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ANA HUNNA (2016-2018)

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ANA HUNNA facilitators have been trained

2017 declared as the year of the Egyptian woman

Egyptian women play a major role in public life and the state is stepping up investments in their education: two out of three woman aged 25-35 have completed high school, while one in five has a university degree. These women are a valuable resource – and yet, at 26% compared with 79%, Egyptian women have a significantly lower labour market participation than men. In the global Gender Gap Index, which gauges the disparities between men and women in countries, Egypt stands at place 136 of 145.

The reasons for these inequalities are diverse: routes to work are often long and working hours inflexible. Many employers have a policy of not employing mothers and if they do, there is a lack of childcare facilities, and protective provisions, such as maternity leave, are often bypassed. An added factor is that many women experience sexual harassment on the way to work or at the workplace – for many, an understandable reason not to pursue gainful employment outside the home.

At the same time, the integration of women as players in economy and society is of fundamental importance for sustainable social harmony and economic success: According to a survey by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), promotion of women’s labour market participation and access to employment options could raise gross domestic product by some 34 percent.

Egypt Facts

Population: 97,041,072 (July 2017 est.), 49.44 % female
School enrollment:Female (% net, 2016)Male (% net, 2016)
Women’s labour market participation rate (% of female population ages 15+): 22%


Vivian Thabet, based in Cairo, Egypt was elected board member of the ANA HUNNA International Network e.V. For inquires regarding ANA HUNNA in Egypt, please contact

Who else is member of the ANA HUNNA International Network in Egypt?

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