About Us

“ANA HUNNA” – أنا هنا – I am here – Je suis là – Ich bin hier

ANA HUNNA is a call to all women to be active, powerful and self-determined. ANA HUNNA is a call to all women and men to realize the potential of 50 % of the population which is here to be seen, contribute and ready to engage.

Currently, women in Egypt, Jordan, Morocco and Tunisia have the lowest participation rate in the labour market worldwide with just 25%. Besides its individual meaning for each woman, women’s integration is essential for a successful and thriving economy and an inclusive society.

Our vision is a world where women have the choice on how to be active in society.

Thus, the ANA HUNNA International Network forms a primary hub for circulating the experiences, ideas, innovative concepts and experiences of its members and partners and hundreds of initiatives of practical work in each country of the network. The network is offering space to jointly create even more new initiatives and strengthen existing activities.

The network is offering space to jointly create even more new initiatives and strengthen existing activities.

We reveal the value of women’s contribution to the economy and society through their work.

Our vision and common goal are empowered women who pursue their ambitions and lead self-determined, active and gainful lives. ANA HUNNA – I am here.

How we work

Under the brand ANA HUNNA has been working for years in countries of the North African region with people of different ages and in different contexts on issues of gender equality.

What does this mean in concrete terms?


The ANA HUNNA films ensure an entry into the topic with people of any age, gender and educational level. The ANA HUNNA materials are instructions for the in-depth work on the relevant issues of the respective context: e.g. How can women get better into the job market? What is important for executives when more women are to be integrated into their department? How can teachers work on gender equality with school children in an appropriate and interesting way?

There are elaborated plans for the workshops, which can be found in the Educational Kit. They are based on the same basic structure (structure of the workshop.

– Preparatory exercises (Unpacking Gender)
– ANA HUNNA film screening (by prior selection, according to the target group)
– Creative exercises on the topic
– Discussion

The workshop ends with final exercises and a brief evaluation in the group.


The values of the HUNNA International Network should apply to all levels.


We do not follow any doctrine, state or religion.


Reaching out to network partners and openness to new ideas.


Dedication to the goals and projects of ANA HUNNA International Network.


Differences are addressed positively, all our members are equal.


Respect for diversity in the team, reaching out to the marginalized.

Our story

ANA HUNNA began in 2011 as a media campaign, showing strong women. The films raised awareness and today, it is a strong network of women and men, not depending on gender, that fight for the economic integration of women.


A network lives through its members, who communicate and cooperate with each other in in order to advance their ideas. Who is behind ANA HUNNA International Network e.V.?
The network is made up of committed people, most of whom have been working with ANA HUNNA for many years.

22 founding members from Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Jordan and Germany, the association ANA HUNNA International Network e.V., 17 of them are personal members, 5 of them are organizations and each represented by a delegate.


ANA HUNNA International Network e.V. is a charitable organization, registered in Frankfurt am Main (Germany).

The central decision-making bodies of the Association ANA HUNNA International Network e.V. shall be the Board and the General Meeting. In addition, there are National Networks in each country, in which members of the association and other organizations work together on a national level. These networks have an advisory function to the association.

The Board of ANA HUNNA shall be composed of up to 6 persons.

The First and the Second Chairperson shall be individually empowered to solely represent the Association.

The Board shall be responsible for managing and supervising the dealings of the Association.