Brigitta Wortmann

Germany, First Chairwoman of ANA HUNNA International Network

“Gender stereotypes have a strong impact on women’s choices in life, often a more restrictive. In our cross-regional network, we have the opportunity to learn from each other and work out ways to support a change. And I think we can use the experiences and the know-how of ANA HUNNA also in Germany to support the integration of women with a migration background into the German labor market. ”

Brigitta Wortmann is Senior Political Adviser in the External Affairs Office of a Company, which is part of a global Group in Berlin. She is a personal member of ANA HUNNA International Network e.V. and the first chairwoman of the association. “Our world is so diverse and colorful that we only fully understand it when we approach each other curiously, engage in dialogue and work together on issues, so we can learn from each other, in all directions between North Africa, the Middle East and Europe. “ By 2020, Wortmann hopes that the ANA HUNNA International Network Association will be able to build a good structure as a platform.

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