Find out about the material of ANA HUNNA International Network, that has been applied by trainers, teacher and facilitators in various events.

Material: Training Kit

The Educational Kit

The ANA HUNNA Educational Kit is a source for you with which to conduct ANA HUNNA workshops, school lesson or university lecture series on Women’s economic participation, or with which to integrate ANA HUNNA into already existing activities. In the Kit you find a wide range of tools for group activities, key questions for discussions and handouts to accompany the ANA HUNNA screenings.

It consists of four Modules.

Module 1: Unpacking Gender.

In this Module there are guidelines on how to explain gender and uncover stereotypes towards men and women. This is particularly interesting when you work at university level or with adults.

Module 2: Working with the ANA HUNNA films

In Module 2 you are introduced to the eight ANA HUNNA shortfilms; it explains the topics they cover and the key questions you can discuss for each film.

Module 3: Facts and figures

In this module you find important resources regarding the economic situation in the MENA region, where you can gather background information to be ready for difficult questions and to prepare handouts.

Module 4: Measuring results

In module 4 you find tools to collect participants’ feedback and improve your next session. Always conduct an evaluation at the end of your session.

The Educational Kit is accompanied by the ANA HUNNA workbook. It contains more comprehensive list of exercises that can be used additionally to the ones included in the Kit.

The Educational Kit is available in English, French and German language.