The ANA HUNNA Educational Kit

What is the ANA HUNNA Educational Kit?

The ANA HUNNA Educational Kit is a source for you with which to conduct an ANA HUNNA workshop, school lesson or university lecture series on women’s economic participation, or with which to integrate ANA HUNNA into already existing activities. In this Kit you find a wide range of tools for group activities, key questions for discussions and handouts to accompany the ANA HUNNA screenings. OBJECTIVES

  •  To enable facilitators to raise awareness of the importance of women’s economic participation in different age groups with a wide range of didactical approaches and tools
  • To embed the ANA HUNNA short films in a broader framework to initiate reflection about gender stereotypes and changes in behavior of women and men
  • To promote the educational potential of (short) films The Kit is accompanied by the ANA HUNNA WORKBOOK (WB). It contains a more comprehensive list of exercises that can be used additionally to the ones included in the Kit.
For Whom?

This Kit reaches out to teachers, lecturers, youth group leaders, civil society groups and all those interested in using the ANA HUNNA short films for educational purposes.


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