Leur Nuit

Narrimane Yamna Faqir | Fiction | 23 min | Morocco | 2013 |  Arabic with English subtitles
To sustain herself and her child, a Moroccan woman works night shifts as a street parking attendant. What realities, people and incidents dies she encount?

Rkia is a forty-year-old Moroccan woman. Those who know her like to call her “Kiki”. To support herself and her fourteen-year-old daughter, Rkia works regular night shifts as a parking attendant in a small street in Casablanca: Between six in the evening and six in the morning she surveys the comings, goings and the parking of cars. In the course of the night, she meets different kinds of people, deals with incidents as they come her way, and talks on the phone to her daughter who is left at home alone.


Cast: Amal Al Atrache, Abderrahim Ghezouani, Amine Smai, Hanane Elhalhouli, Hamid Najjah, Amina Choukry, Saoussane Bettal, Karima El Bakri, Ayoub El Aiassi, Narrimane Yamna Faqir, Zakia Anjar, Tarik Ait Ben Ali, Yacine Faqir, Azzedine Riad | Director and Writer: Narrimane Yamna Faqir | Script: Hind Amiar | Artistic Consultant: Mohamed Mouftakir | Camera: Luca Coassin | Editing:Mohamed Babaali | Sound: Mehdi Khelif | Production: Ahmed Eric Hatimi, HATIMI Production, Casablanca
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