Woman and a half / Femme et demi

Kamel Laaridhi | Fiction | 24 min | Tunisia | 2013 | Arabic with English subtitles | German with Arabic subtitles

After many years, two Tunisian women meet again, and one starts working for the other, looking after her child. What will they do when their refreshed alliance gets challenged?

Emna is around thirty years old and mother to a young girl. She contacts Hajer, a judge and old friend of hers who needs a nanny for her little boy. While the two women are divided by a wide social gap, they are very close and similar as people: Savouring the lives their work allows them to live, they support each other, together confronting a daily routine that is not always easy.


Casting: Chema Ben Chaabene, Amira Derouiche, Walid Ben Soltan, Kamel Laaridhi, Karmel, Skander, Maher Hajii, Lassad Ben Chedly, Med ElHeidi | Réalisateur: Kamel Laaridhi | Scénario: Kamel Laaridhi | Chema Ben Chaabene, Abir Guesmi | Directeur artistique: Amine Messadi | Directeur Photo: Sofiane Fani | Montage: Fakhreddine Amri | Son: Walid Ouerghi | Ingénieur du son: Yazid Chebbi | Producteur exécutif: Moncel Taleb | Musique: Ridha Diki | Production: Inside Productions, Tunis

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