Brave Woman / Femme courage

Chiraz Bouzidi | documentary | 24 min | Tunisia | 2013| Arabic with English subtitles

Women in the Tunisian village of Ennajeh make a living for their families by collecting garbage for recycling. How do they cope with daily hardship and risk?

The village of Ennajeh – the name translates to “success” in Arabic – is located in the governorate of Siliana in north-western Tunisia. Ennajeh is home to about 20 families. Years of dictatorship and mismanagement have destroyed the local infrastructure and left the men in the community unemployed. Now it is the women who earn a living for their families and ensure that their children can go to school. At the municipal dump they collect whatever is recyclable, and sell it to the recycling company on a weekly basis.


Director: Chiraz Bouzidi | Writer: Lotfi Dziri | Artistic Consultant: Mounir Baaziz | DOP: Hatem Nechy | Editing: Noura Nefzi | Mix: Kais Ben Mabrouk Sound: Hamdi Dridi | Production: Perspective Production Imed Lassoued, Tunis.

Ennajeh/ Femme Courage: Interview with director Chiraz Bouzidi (2013)

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