Women’s Economic Empowerment in Technical Assistance Programmes

Examples of good practice in private sector development

As part of Germany’s G7 Presidency, a conference entitled ‘Women’s Economic Empowerment – Unlock the Potential’ was held on 9 and 10 November 2015 in Berlin. The present study of women’s empowerment in private sector development was conducted against this background. It aims to set out selected examples of good practice in terms of gender-specific approaches and instruments used within private sector development, to look at the gender impacts achieved, and to identify lessons learned. Section 2 looks at the main concepts involved, the methodological approach taken and some key data on the countries selected before going on to present the seven case studies of good practice involving a variety of approaches and instruments and the results achieved by these measures. The final section sums up the most important findings in the form of lessons learned and identifies success factors.