Beyond The Sky

Vesna Shalabi | documentary | 24 min | Jordan | 2013
Arabic with English subtitles

Following her personal ideals of life and work, a young woman in Jordan decides to become a flight attendant. What expectations and barriers does she face in her family and society

To fly beyond the sky takes courage, hard work and passion. As a young woman in Jordan, Tahani is everything she is not supposed to be: Unlike her local girlfriends, she leads her own independent life in Amman, away from her family’s home in the Mazar village. And against tradition and family expectations, she chose a profession viewed as inappropriate for women: She works as a flight attendant, and, moreover, she studies for her masters degree.


Director and Writer: Vesna Shalabi | Artistic Consultant: Dalia El Kury |Camera: Radwan Shalabi | Editing: Radwan Shalabi, Mohamad Sami |Sound: Mohamad Sami | Production: Vesna Shalabi

Beyond the Sky: Interview with director and writer Vesna Shalabi (2013)

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