ANA HUNNA International Network e.V is nominated for the GAWBL-AWARD

GAWBL-Award – Ta’awun German-Arab Women Cooperation of Excellence 

When Women Lean In – Economies Win: The GAWBL-Award honours joint
German-Arab women’s cooperation projects by recognizing women who play
a distinct role in establishing partnerships and connections of
excellence between Germany and the Arab countries. Candidates must
demonstrate a personal and long-term commitment to German-Arab
cooperation: they must have succeeded in bringing about change in
various areas while developing strategies and methods to promote and
establish sustainable cooperation in their communities so as to empower
women economically and to reveal the value of women’s contribution to
the economy and society through their work. The final decision is taken
by the GAWBL-jury.

The Award will be presented at the German-Arab Women Business Leaders
Summit 2018, which takes place from 15. to 17. October 2018 in Munich.
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