Shifting Stereotypes of Working Women in the Classroom


ANA HUNNA works towards a world where women have the choice on how to be active in the society, by revealing the value of women’s contribution to economy and society through their work. To promote the role of teachers and local communities in increasing awareness about the importance of women’s roles in economic development; Madrasati Initiative Jordan is partnering with ANA HUNNA. 

In cooperation with 140 public, private, international and civil society organizations Madrasati serves Jordanian public schools that are identified with the Ministry of Education as most underperforming and most in need of renovation. The partnership with ANA HUNNA reinforces Madrasati’s goals in promoting social cohesion, and empathy amongst students, teachers, and communities through challenging gender stereotypes in classrooms.

To harness the collaboration, a framework agreement was acceded between ANA HUNNA and Madrasati. Moreover, EconoWin delivered a training on the ‘ANA HUNNA Educational Kit’ to equip teachers with knowledge and skills necessary to design, deliver, and evaluate training programmes with a focus on gender and on women at work.

The training enabled teachers to integrate the educational kit modules, practical exercises, film screenings and constructive discussions within classrooms and in discussions involving the local communities. Akram Al-Hajel, Islamic Studies teacher at Jaber Al-Sarhan High School and the President of the Badiah Development Association at Al-Mafraq Governorate points out:

“My understanding of gender roles has changed considerably as a result of this training, now I have greater interest in women’s issues. Also, I’m willing to reflect that and utilize the kit in my classroom and reach to local community.”