ANA HUNNA join forces with “All Set and Fit” in Jordan


What caught me to be part of the initiative firstly is the voluntary side, and secondly that it empowers women to become effective and active members in the society through empowering other women and youth (…) (Maram Shahin, ANA HUNNA volunteer, Amman)

She Empowers, She Shares, She Volunteers. In 2017, ANA HUNNA promoted jointly with the platform “All Set & Fit” women and youth. By now, the platform has expanded outside the capital Amman reaching three governorates: Irbid, AlKarak and AlSalt. Its network of professional female volunteers has diversified and comprises currently more than 280 women.

ANA HUNNA supports innovative and entrepreneurial social initiatives through the incubator model. In Jordan, “All Set & Fit” was identified as an initiative that breaks through stereotypes and brings more women to the forefront of public recognition. “All Set & Fit” reassures the value of women’s experiences and contributions to economy and society by sharing relevant information. They include the ANA HUNNA Educational Toolkit to touch base with this complex topic of ‘women and work’ throughout their workshops. Instead of perceiving women on the receiving end of initiatives “All Set & Fit” positions them as the sources of knowledge.

A closing ceremony concluded the official collaboration between ANA HUNNA and “All Set & Fit” to celebrate achievements and future plans. Three key messages were formulated for upcoming activities: She Empowers, She Shares, She Volunteers.

Watch the video of “All Set & Fit”: