A Roadmap for ANA HUNNA Female Mentoring in Jordan

The Center for Women’s Studies (CWS) Jordan co-organized a focus group as a measure towards ANA HUNNA female mentoring sustainability. The discussion session included representatives from the private sector, youth employability skills providers, as well as a number mentors and mentees interested in ANA HUNNA. The CWS presented the project approach and key achievements to win support for future ANA HUNNA female mentoring projects at the university. All participants were asked to exchange on their expertise, on the future vision and on the potential of institutionalizing the female mentoring approach at different universities in Jordan.

The discussion involved answers to questions pertaining to the selection of mentors, mentees and trainers. Participants in the session clearly agreed on the importance of mobilizing private sector resources in implementing the mentoring approach to better integrate women in the workforce. One key suggestion to guarantee sustainability and institutionalization of mentoring is that universities should include such programmes as a graduation requirement to facilitate the matching between the educational system outputs and the labor market needs.