Oussama Benhmida

President of tanmia.ma

Morocco, board member of ANA HUNNA International Network e.V.

“Women empowerment is a vital part of my work with Tanmia. Especially in the IT sector, we are still lacking female participation and that is partly due to the stigmata attached to it. Because of that, I feel that we lose many important discoveries women might bring to the field. For me, being able to choose freely how anyone of us wants to be included economically, is what defines equity and equality. With the ANA HUNNA International Network we want to advocate that free choice for all women and men.”

Oussama Abdelah Benhmida is the President of Tanmia.ma and founder and General Manager of Lab4Net, a Moroccan company specialized in gaming and web and mobile technologies. He works mainly on IT solutions to address social issues and helps organizations and communities to have more Impact.

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